Hello hello,

My name is Karl Quigley, I’m a twenty year old student currently attending University College Dublin. I’m in my second year of a BA Joint Major, studying English and Linguistics. Firstly, most of the articles you’ll see on this site were originally published by The University Observer. They are the resident student broadsheet newspaper for UCD and are an outstanding publication. I’d suggest if you even glance at my posts, please visit The University Observer for everything from news, features and sport to gaming, movies, music, and fashion. I am currently  the Co-OTwo Editor(the culture magazine supplement) at The University Observer and have been writing for them since September of 2013.

This blog however is mainly for the articles I’ve contributed and, in the future, some of my personal creative writing and likely you’ll have to sit through some rambling as well.

Onto myself, I am a nerd. I have no shame in admitting that, I do however have plenty of shame admitting how long I spend on my computer. I’m a writer of fantasy and science-fiction mostly, but I do occasionally pop into other genres. I don’t spend all my time indoors(just most of it), I’m also big into snowboarding. I spend the rest of my time generally trying to be funny, and generally failing. But sure, everyone loves a trier.

So thanks for looking at my little blog(please don’t go).

– Karl



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